myWeater site

A list of those who marked our palisades and gates, since november 2000...

MeanBone Thanks for playing, Zaphirs. Let me know when you can host, OK? 2001-03-26
[RL]Taranhogg Great site... Looking forward to our clash! 2001-03-30
:LoH:SorenBjerg Yo... fine website you've got here - watch out at the battlefields for me! 2001-03-30
Ted Halsted Dig the site! Glad you guys liked DM Thorstadt...even with the version probs. 2001-03-31
Hells_Angel Great site.. now i just hope my tag soon can be: Zaphir_Hells_Angel..? 2001-04-03
Spellbinder Nice site brothers.Now how to give my fav weapon and stuff ?? 2001-04-04
Søren Holm Hej Dude og Skywanker jeg elsker jer bare meget [ScB]-Toydollz 2001-04-05
:LoH:SorenBjerg Great match last night guys - Blackoak and Spellbinder - hope to fight you soon again! 2001-04-05
[CBL]strntrkr thx for putting my map in the maplist ;) 2001-05-15
[CBL]_domin8r Nice site :) Thanx for the good match yesterday ! 2001-05-16
Shard Greetings Lord Kaziganthi, The first to show me true skill! 2001-05-20
(BS)Shinobi BACKSTABBER IN DA HOUSE! 2001-05-29
[-DSR-]_Sir_Lancelot Greetings all! Hey Zaphir are u still playing 1.01??? 2001-06-03
WaaGusIII Gustbustkajaka Greeeeeeat site }:E 2001-06-06
[CBL]_JupiLer Damn nice site greetings ^Jupiler^ 2001-06-11
Godfrey Blackoak!i just wanted to tell ya thanks for the admin help!!!!!! 2001-06-12
Ghrunthrar Yuor site is stunning hope to meet you on the servers 2001-06-13
(BDL)Blaupunkt hello saphir's !!!!!!!! 2001-06-15
[BK]Melvin Hi Zaphirs, nice to see that youre running 1.07 now...hope to see you soon :-) 2001-06-18
[KdE]RaVeN Hi Zaphiers, thx for writting our GB, I will talk to my clan about the CW! 2001-06-18
[-DSR-]_Wizard Hey Zaps!! Great fight!! Cool site by the way..Peace! 2001-06-21
møu|T¡ñ¥ Hi all =) Greets from møu and thx for visitin' our website, Blackoak. 2001-06-25
[-DSR-]_Sir_Lancelot Damn Cool Site! 2001-06-27
[DmTx] DeaconFrost Wazzup! I hope (Dejavu)! Good luck, cya guys 2001-06-27
[LOA] Lord Maximus Hey Great SITE!!!! Cant wait to have our match Blackoak. 2001-06-28
-DTM-qb NIce game today good luck in the future man 2001-06-29
Thrasian_Ranger I await the day that our blades shall cross Zaphirs. Your site is excellent. 2001-07-01
santos_aesir he long time no see hope to see you guys soon for another honourble fight and c 2001-07-01
[-DSR-]_DG Yo ppl, nice site u got here :O), 2001-07-06
-DTM-QB we got a guést book 2001-07-09
[DmTx]thinmen great site great word's you have my honor 2001-07-11
Tor we have a clan war book 2001-07-29
[BK]Kobolus Ahh find the page. Nice :). Greetings to all Zaphirs esp. Pilgrim 2001-07-29
[BK]Melvin Hi, Hope that you guys will often use the Einherjer-Germaniens Server. Its a gre 2001-07-31
Timberwolf Greetings all Zaphirs! What a cool site you got there.. The cooles ever!!! 2001-08-01
[CBL]_StrnTrkr Just letting you know that i'm not dead and making more maps for you to like;) Go to http://users.p 2001-08-09
[OcA] Crypt-Keeper How ya doin' Pilgrim? Nice site! 2001-08-12
AESIR Man, your clan rules.......I was thinkin of joining... 2001-08-12
Ygramul[LoK] Hi! Nice greetingz from the LEGACY OF KINGS and thanx for visiting our clan-page 2001-08-12
Bullivar Hail to the Zaphirs from me :) 2001-08-16
[DmTx]_ DeaconFrost Greetings brothers! Want to say Cya soon...... Have fun!! 2001-08-16
Double(uk) easy zaps how u doing 2001-08-18
Caroline(L) Really great web site!! But FW isn't at the links. =) 2001-08-21
Blood_Duster Kick ass sight I look forward to playing agianst zaphirs. 2001-09-19
GillingF.O.E Pilgrim havent seen you in a while. beep me on icq! 2001-09-19
-=(GTC)=-Stony hi visite us --> 2001-09-23
Bleeder[BIWS] Your favour has been granted! I am here! 2001-10-07
Elder And another thing, COOL site lov the music, were did u get music? who made site? 2001-10-12
Brother Nocead Hey all Zaphirs good luck in future.......Rule with a sword!! 2001-10-21
{7sins}Sniper We all need a good place to conduct a town meeting...Thx 2001-10-22
[RL]Bane Greatings friends... The Renegade Legion Saluts you! Well Done Blackoak. 2001-10-22
[LOA]lORD_Khrom HEHE LOVE the Hoard map !! I will give any support to try to keep this alive.. 2001-10-23
[v]-Sir_Lancelot- Hi Zaps! Our clanpage is up and running 2001-10-23
[TS]FeLiX[G_South] Yo Blackoak visit The Syrians at Http:// 2001-10-24
(BDL)Blaupunkt(L) hello zaphirs !!!! was is this?its magic!!!!!!!!! its the greatest side its very wonderfull and the 2001-10-25
(BDL)El Diavolo(K) Greetings Cool Music Cool Site 2001-10-26
[-DmTx-]Dark_Archangel Cool site!!!!! 2001-10-27
[v]-Exodus Lol i didnt see how to use this, so i just hitted the submit button, sorry :O) 2001-10-28
again to be honest, this site is very good :) 2001-10-28
[v]-Storm Just wanna to say HELLO Zaphirs !!! 2001-10-28
[DmtX]SirUnForgiven Indeed it's a very cool site!! Greetings from clan [DmtX]!! 2001-10-28
Azarak Hail Odin and mother Nature ...See you on the road of Valhalla...Zaphirs 2001-10-29
[-DSR-]_KRONOS|TIME Hail to thee ;) T'is me KRONOS, also known as the Time.Site=Beautiful creation 2001-11-02
Johnny Fingahz [DpX] Hello Ladies! 2001-11-06
[KOD] Hood {HCE} Lords of Zaphir: KOD sends heartiest greetings. My sojourn here was refreshing. 2001-11-06
Hydro the Lone Assasin Hello, If you see me around it'll be when your on the ground bleeding to death. 2001-11-07
Athene BIWS-BG Just thought I would say hi!!! and that Sharn!! your missed!!!!! 2001-11-07
(tHc)LOCO You have my respect 2001-11-09
Alkaizer {UBH} Blackoak I need to talk to you... 2001-11-10
[KOD] Bane Hail Zaphir! It is KOD's honour to join your ranks 2001-11-12
[OcA]MightyBOIT HAIL noble ZAP Horde!!! 2001-11-15
[BK]Melvin:e{Fsu} Zaphir rules! Wow, THATS a clanpage!! 2001-11-18
-=[HHFO]=-Nefius Neat site.. let's party together.. drink some mead! 2001-11-19
otterman helloo. 2001-11-19
[KIE] La Peste Noire Respect to Zap and special one to Blackoak 2001-11-20
[PsW]_Perrin_Aybara Howdy people, nice site. Challenge our clan and you'll sorry. Locke451@hotmail.c 2001-11-24
Guardian DAROCK nice site...........special greetz to konoko 2001-11-24
Brother of [PsW]BoneColle Hey Folks, I've to say that my brother died. May God be with him. 2001-11-24
Themac A Hail to Zaphirs... Keep on Kick As... 2001-11-25
[BK]Kobolus Salute for this nice homepage and music! 2001-11-26
SHINER of DPX Nice site dudes =) 2001-11-30
e[FSU]CrimSon_ReD Blessed be they Warrior Princess Fantasia & Lord Sham-Mes - FSU Salutes! 2001-12-03
[::MIA:X]Disposal It's great to meet you all. Keep doing the best you can. 2001-12-06
-=[AVM]JockyChan=- Hiho Zaphir's I'am back in Town*G* I hope we meet us on Battlefield 2001-12-11
Themac A great honor to Zaphirs and a speciall one for Blackoak... 2001-12-12
Killer-Instinct leeet 2001-12-16
Hel-Runa Cool Server - Cool DM Feedback - Cool People... Have a Cool Yule Y'all! 2001-12-17
SoS Hakon hi zaphirs!!!nice clanpage and beautiful music...honor and might to your clan 2001-12-21
skullcracker Congratulate Sharn-Mes and Fantasia 2001-12-22
Sjoert uit Almelo Howdy, great site... You guys are the best.. Greets to konoko and pilgrim... CyA 2001-12-23
[-ErF-]_StruiZ nice site guys keep up the good work =) 2001-12-23
Abdoel Abdoel klapstoel Whahaha greetz to my friend Konoko 2001-12-23
[KODHood{HCE} Best of the Season's Greetings to the Lords of Zaphir! 2001-12-24
e[FsU]CrimSon_ReD I am he. The LorD CrimSon ReD, To the CLan of Zaphirs...I humbly raise my Cup! 2001-12-26
Fantasia Cheers to the good ppl in the honorable clan of Zaphirs 2001-12-26
(TS)Putte(Major_South) I just thought u might want to know that I have checked your site. Great music. 2001-12-27
[ToT]_Phantom Nice site Zaphirs 2001-12-29
e(FSU)KhaosFrog*RL* killa site, Nice map Braws. but im still lookin fer da legion on da map. heh 2001-12-30
Tor Hi all! =) Wazzup?? =) I have started to play Rune again =) Be HaPPy! 2001-12-30
[CBL]_StrnTrkr HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2002-01-01
[ToT]_Phantom HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! AND MUCH LUCK WITH PLAYING RUNE:-). Greetz [ToT]_Phantom 2002-01-01
[OcA]MightyBOIT HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! [:O) 2002-01-01
Themac Happy new Beer Zaphirs 2002-01-02
SpAzDiK Great Site...Me digs the new Map. 2002-01-03
Dai Freed New year, new friends, happy them all 2002-01-03
a_little_girl*{BIWS-BG} Cute site.. like the news ticker...Greetings to all Zaphirs 2002-01-05
someguy Luv the land territory besure to make it bigger and more clans in it =) 2002-01-07
Themac Damn good work with the site.... 2002-01-07
-=[HHFO]=-Nefius Sweet like butter.... fooking good site! 2002-01-07
[OcA]_SiGuRd Good site friends... I wait for you on OcA site... HAIL 2002-01-07
(BDL)_Lillebror_(CM) First i would say, damm cool site. And to skullcracker me server dident show up: 2002-01-11
Alvar Greetings from north of Quebec...Always great to fight with you...hail! 2002-01-13
Spellbinder Just wanted to say i still think of our battles sometimes. 2002-02-03
[-DSR-]_KRONOS|TIME Zap owns, especially Aequ and Pakara ;) Greetings to the rest also ;) 2002-02-05
Idiot With A Sword [BIWS] I am Idiot, hear me RAH ! 2002-02-08
MoD_Doombringer eh I hope we will fight again cuz i wasnt at the second fight :( 2002-02-08
^BS^ZhycoThePlayer Thank you for a great game!! 2002-02-09
-=[NF]=-Br@iNLes$ Yo! Great work Oaky=) 2002-02-13
[KOD]Bane I see you folks website has had a facelift. Looks great! 2002-02-13
-=[HHFO]=-Garrett Nice site... very 'viking-stylish' :-) 2002-02-13
Sir_Cyrus_(VB) Hail great Zaphirs :-) 2002-02-13
[TbEs]BLOODYKID Good site u have here! 2002-02-14
[TbEs]eViLpEnDrAgOn jeepers creepers u guys now the stuff 2002-02-14
JockyChan Greetings noble Warriors always nice to play with you. 2002-02-17
-=[HHFO]=-Garrett Yesterday I battled Zaphirs_Tuuna.. it was great, I'd like to practice againstmore Zaphirs :-) You 2002-02-18
Montork damn cool site dudes ;) 2002-02-19
Sworstone Hail to you mighty Zaphirs! Very good site and I hope it will go well for you. 2002-02-20
{4h}KopyKatt-{DtA}- Hey zappy people just wanted to say hi to pakara and me bro pilgrim u guyz rock 2002-02-20
{LP}Zyper Cat Hey guys cool clan, cool site. keep on the good work! 2002-02-22
Aesirs_Mus-Gia Nice meeting you, and looking forward to the next time ;) 2002-02-22
Aesirs_Cyrus Great Match......... :- ) 2002-02-22
Blood Duster Site looks good, it is a good change 2002-02-22
Zisu-of-DpX Just popping by, hi to all Zaphirs. Pilgrim u rule :p 2002-02-23
[DpX]-=OMEGA=- hiho zaphirs, keep on playing, keep this game alive 2002-02-24
-=[AVM] ÍTÇh¥=- Just wanna say hi! ...and special greetings to JockyChan! 2002-02-24
^BS^ZhycoThe^Slayer Great HomePage..... AnD: HAIL Zaphirs!! 2002-02-24
Hakøn Hi to all Zaphirs and a special hej, älskling for Jocky 2002-02-26
-=[AVM]WaRLoRD=- hail thee,noble warriors of clan zaphirs!i wish u good luck in upcoming battles! 2002-02-27
(DNA)-Blood Greetings to the noble warriors of Zaphirs!!! Nice page!! C ya on battlefield! 2002-03-01
Nico;las Ty fvor all the gret times pilgrim 2002-03-02
Montork thx for the lesson some weeks ago lol 2002-03-02
[SoV]-Phenomenon Yo zaphirs!! just dropped by to say hi to yáll =)) 2002-03-05
e[FSU]SorenBjerg{HSN} Awesome new 'Funny Whiners' section... I salute the mighty DeathDealer.. LMAO :D 2002-03-06
Unforgiven Nice site man! Keep going on the whiners section. It's so funny 2002-03-06
LALLI Raise axes in glorification to the Zaphirs! 2002-03-07
-=[HHFO]=-Nefius Yoo dudez.. how is it hanging?... drop by at sometimes.. 2002-03-07
Storm-Of-DpX Yaho!! Just wanna shout HELLO !! to ya all :) 2002-03-08
[ToT]_Phantom HiYa!! good site ppl.. come also and visit our site. =) good luck in the future 2002-03-10
BLood_DuStEr Hey black oak cool skin and congrats for placing. It really looks kick ass. 2002-03-12
[CBL]_StrnTrkr Great fights black oak! Great site! 2002-03-13
[RvS] Thørn Hi all, thank you for written in our guestbook... cya @ RUNE again... - Thørn 2002-03-13
[LoR]K-Man-Deluxe Heyho Zaphirs, good Fight we had today, real hard & you are real skilled player 2002-03-16
[LoR]Kirchi Hi Zaphirs! Yersterday the Cw was great! And Aquilibrium rocks us all, respect. Ps.: Nice Hp 2002-03-16
[Ps]UnForgiven Great Members,Nice Site..Special greetz to Myth =), also to the rest LOL! 2002-03-16
Montork Sniffing around cya @ the arena next time hehe 2002-03-19
-|-DNA-|-Napalm uhm......greetings and 2002-03-20
:.DH.:Azrael Hey whats up Zaphirs..........iam just checking out your site...... 2002-03-21
:.DH.:TotermanN Hiho..!!! Nice Site , cool Clan and .... I think , we could make a CW!!! ;D 2002-03-21
[ToT]_Phantom yo guys, great site.. come also to: i'm not the only 1 who drops a url :0) 2002-03-22
[Spoiler]suna der Aequil...thanx for the Nef anus...will trade for hand 2002-03-22
e[FSU]SorenBjerg{HSN} Awesome games last night... had a blast (although I got my skull cracked more than is healty : - bu 2002-03-25
¦Çkç¦<Ðàrk$ôúL>-(CL) Hey' i just dropped by, to check out the site ... its very nice by the way :-) 2002-03-25
-=[HHFO]=-Mace hmm.. my score with our battle on thorstadt looks verrryyy bad now... damn, i was crashin all the t 2002-03-25
-=[HHFO]=-Nefius Woopiediewoo... that was an awesome game dudez.. GG!! 2002-03-25
SpAzDiK Do you people only play HOV? 2002-03-25
Aesirs_Hiemdall Hi to Myth and all the other great Zaphirs warriors... ;.) 2002-03-26
Dragonmaster[FoE] Just dropping by....Nice site 2002-03-26
Dragonmaster[FoE] BTW, I get yelled at for jumping too...idk what thier problem is... 2002-03-26
fearless coola site zaphirs ;) 2002-03-27
Tormentor Great pages you got here. And what should a great clan be w/o great pages? :) 2002-04-02
>CDF<[D]evils_[K]iN Elo, Nice site ya got here...if only mine was as good...sniff...cya! 2002-04-03
[v]-Sus Hello Eq nice fighting with ya, but i hat ur trialpitmace you bastard.... makes it hard for me out 2002-04-03
[ToT]_Phantom Finally peace between [ToT], Zaphirs and [Pro] ;))))) good luck in the future pplz!! 2002-04-03
SoV Tourn hihihih hi yall looking mighty fine 2002-04-06
-=(GTC)=-Stony my english is bad but visit 2002-04-07
[KOD]Bane Hail Zaphir's... KOD is not only a Rune clan anymore... we play other games now too. Come check our 2002-04-09
Drifmauser Best rekards to Lalli the Bestisialwamplust. I really luv Ja ya Rawks ass maan. 2002-04-09
{LP}KilligBuu @Aeqelibrium, Hi man, nice to meat you in the final of DNA-Tournament. 2002-04-10
[Kod]Battlescars Greetings!!! Super sight! 2002-04-14
-=[AVM]WaRLoRD=- hail all zaphir´s ! fight proud & have fun!hope to cya soon on the bloody battlefields :D 2002-04-14
FF Hitcher Hi Zaphirs nice HP and your section Funny Whiners is realy great you have them all !!! hehe Greetin 2002-04-14
OrangeBeard the pirate Greetings just saying hello to one of the best and honorable fighter i have ever faced 2002-04-17
boeh toegewenste tering 2002-04-18
boeh it means with you the best 2002-04-18
sus AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH ive lost it cant dodge anymore, the room are getting smaller, no no please no 2002-04-18
Pzycho hejsa...må jeg godt komme med i jeres clan? (flot webside forresten). 2002-04-19
[Ps]-Golem Nice site guys! and nice music! ;) good luck in the future!! 2002-04-21
Lord_noME1(aHk) cool site guys. keep on messing with evil angel. looooooooool 2002-04-22
[Ps]BlackSerpent Saw your whiners list.. we tryed to have a cw with EvilAngel.. well what can i say? Never again... 2002-04-23
[Ps]BlackSerpent Do you wanna go back to basics? If so take part in the Rune 1.01 tournament! Visit the site and sig 2002-04-25
Aesirs_Cyrus HiHo Zaphirs, thx for the good game Mac! we should do it again some time. 2002-04-26
DoP_Tormentor Hmm... Changes, ah the changes. They make this look more like a clan site than RPG site. Hehe. Keep 2002-04-30
Codo Great site. I like it *g* 2002-05-03
[RvS] Thørn GreeZ... nice game today... everytime again ;-) 2002-05-03
[MT]rawmeat Cool site - your time is comin 2002-05-04
Hrothgar Amazing site, it definitely deserved the award given. 2002-05-04
{GO}Icethorne great zaphirs i only to wish you great future with your clan hail and wel met all zaphirs! well im 2002-05-05
Tikbalang(AoR) Nice site really nice site, i like that music :) legend of mana cya in peace 2002-05-11
[Ps]UnForgiven Nice site, Nice members..oh ya Myth! Thx for your very kind message! lol 2002-05-12
[LoR]Kirchi Great clanwar yesterday! Aequilibrium and Bestialwarlust is the best team, I have seen! 2002-05-12
[LoR]K-Man-Deluxe Yes thats damn true hiya all zaps! 2002-05-13
-=[HHFO]=-Nefius Whazup, respect for the Zaphirs.. special greetings to Blacky and pelly.. 2002-05-14
-=[HHFO]=-Mace hail mighty Zaphirs. greetings from the other land were hhfo is resident. Respect to pelly. you one 2002-05-16
-=[HHFO]=-Nefius Word! 2002-05-23
OrangeBeard_100proof Arrg! I come to your site, ever changing but for the better, like your warriors. I am always thankf 2002-05-28
OrangeBeard_100proof seems i need to work on my talking skills as well as my battling ones, hahaha 2002-05-28
BeeR Heh, just saying that i was here and that it wont be that easy to beat CDF again ;)) hail warriors! 2002-05-29
Cujo Site is looking real nice BO 2002-06-01
FF Hitcher Hi want to say thx to your great honour warrior Zaphirs_Tuuna!! Hope we will see us again!! 2002-06-04
£RROR hhe Zaphirs is Cool i really like it!! 2002-06-04
Kirvesmies No message 2002-06-10
Bartuc U r one of the skilletest players i know lalli ;) great game 2002-06-10
Hammerfall I love your Funny Whiners page. It scares me that I was one of those once. well, that is over now ; 2002-06-17
Alavaron I never seen a clan with greater spirit that yours..i truly love zaphirs :-) 2002-06-17
Sjekac Oak you have good comps, make Skoggsland Siege Mood ;) 2002-06-18
-=[HHFO]=-Mace Greetz Noble Zaphirs.. Great Game Yesterday Beastial! 2002-06-19
e[FSU]SorenBjerg{HSN} HOLY MOLY!!! Greetings from the friendly HSNers... *cough* hehe... umm... where's da war on da warp 2002-06-22
Golem-of-DpX Great site you guys have here! And Jocky, you played very very good today. My compliments! Good luc 2002-06-24
I Am Weasl Hi gays greetz to Jocky kiss ROFL 2002-06-30
-|HHFO|-Nefius Hi angry mob... ;) especially Big greetings to BO for being the Runegod and keeping Rune alive! Thu 2002-07-02
-=[OcA]=-Double(uk) Great Game 2002-07-05
{HB}Macbeth Great site u have made!!! hallo to baldur!!! 2002-07-07
Zaphirs Alvar Coming back fight at your side...May Odin bless you all... 2002-07-08
THC-GigMan Hi All. Nice Site. Greetz to your clan. CU on battlefield. @Myth.... nice fight against BongMaster. 2002-07-08
Zaphirs_LordNam Everybody attending @ the Zaphirs LAN join last week-end. THANX, I really mean it - it was AWESOME 2002-07-22
Zisu-of-DpX Every now and then it's nice to read Funny whiners... TY for that, hope to see more of that. Hope I 2002-07-24
K-I wee 2002-07-24
-an^Sp3ar Gr33tz to the strongest clan in Rune atm :) Respect... frag on broz! 2002-07-25
[Spoiler]Suifen Aye... Yikes.. greetings to Pelly and Myth for tha good game we had... to bad i was distrackted by 2002-07-26
-=[AVM]WaRLoRD=- greetings to the noble warriors of clan zaphirs! 2002-08-04
[MUA] Avalanche Greetings to all of Zaphirs..its a shame we dont meet more often on FFA servers. Anyways nice to se 2002-08-05
skin No feast Oak? =P 2002-08-07
GigMan Hi... really nice pics you have... the vikings house... really nice. Greetz to Jocky and Bestial Wa 2002-08-13
Zaphirs_Hugin Ahh... finnally i got my sweet little fingers on a comp connected to the net... so i thought i leav 2002-08-16
¤~[FreaK]~$k@llagrimur~¤ Hail Dudes, Who writes those funny comments? and blackoak for the friendly comment in our guestbook 2002-08-16
Write name Euer Kampfstyle heute, war so schlecht, schlechter wie jeder LP Member. Mach bitte nicht weiter so 2002-08-17
Zaphirs_Æquilibrium Use only english in this guestbook please. -Yours, Pelly 2002-08-19
KillerInstinct wee hoe 2002-08-19
[LoR]MikeKidney Hi, just want to write in ur GB of ur very good HP ;) 2002-08-24
[-oL-]B~S~T Hello!We are a new clan and would like to be on IOM, is it you that i should conctact?=) Greets 2002-08-24
[-oL-]B~S~T Maybe i should put a link to our site too, 2002-08-24
-|HHFO|-S@bre- just wanna say to thx to especialy you oak, I laught my ass off on ts 2 man ;-DDDDD 2002-08-28
-|HHFO|-Mace Hiho wikked men... GG's with TS2 :D Yatta Yatta.. whahaha... must do it again soon.. 2002-08-28
[-oL-]B~S~T Thanks for adding us to IOM=) can you mail the login info to Greets! 2002-08-29
-|HHFO|-Mace Greetz Zaphirs... On my way to the airport now... dont frag too much without me ;-) See you all in 2002-09-03
URC 1on1 Challenge Hi, Jocky and rest... dont forget the 1on1 Challenge! Second Round started. Greetz. 2002-09-04
Neffie hhfo Aye aye.... greets to all... nice playing couple of days ago pelly.... 2002-09-04
KOD Apocalypse Greetings Great Warriors 2002-09-04
THC-Kaikin hi there! so, you really have a site.. LOL hihi.. warlust, when you need a new haircut, contact 2002-09-11
/AHK*cHAWE´S_pOWER* HI, my god, ur site is very freak, Blackoak pic is amzingly=),hey why i havent a section like evil 2002-09-13
[LoRK-Man-Deluxe Congrats for the good good good Match of u, Aeq and Pak... 2002-09-13
[LoR]Kirchi Yes it was a good game! I sucked all the time in Hildir! I hope for better times, and the time will 2002-09-14
FrenchBastard Baldur : ultimate dude ! Greetings from Paris 2002-09-18
Hrothgar Hey stopping by again. See you guys in the servers. Hail Rune 2002-09-24
Gaiscedach-feYLaMIa Hi Folks .. i just wanna greet the whole Zaphirs-Brood =) 2002-10-04
-=Iron=-=Tbb=- Hail to the king baby 2002-10-06
Ph3no Hail to BW the king 2002-10-07
Ph3no And all other Zaps too of course :D 2002-10-07
/AhK*L[]rd_n[]mE* LOLZZZZZ nice pictures there BlackOak =) 2002-10-09
-=[SoL]=-Verci hi! ( poor jocky, he saw u oakster dressed like that :P ) 2002-10-14
Razitup(BIWS) hey guys whats up? Just got through playing a whole crew of you. lots of fun guys. keep it up 2002-10-15
TKW*DAfonsoHenriques Greeting Zaphirs from the The King Warriors of Portugal, big lol to the LAN party photos ;) CYA in 2002-10-15
THC-GigMan{666} Hola B.Oak, thx for your nice entry in our guestbook. Your German is better then much german people 2002-10-18
/AhK*L[]rd_n[]mE* Good Gamez guys, next time it wont be so easy (i hope eeeehehehehe) 2002-10-20
Inzzz Hi! 2002-10-24
(BDL)_Garwein hiho gods of fighting 2002-10-25
*(PaA)*=CleptomaiN= Hi there ... just wanted to say hello and so on ..... c ya on the dancefloor in hov ;-) 2002-10-26
Zaphirs Alvar Greetings to all of you...I have some technicals problems...come at Alvar's domain server...and be 2002-10-29
*(THM)*MIKEASS*BOSS hi zaphirs im the leader of *(thm)* clan cya.. 2002-11-01
*(thm)*elder hi.. im the friend 2 *(THM)*MIKEASS*BOSS 2002-11-01
-UnForgiven- Nice game ;) cu on the battlefield 2002-11-03
DarinYa2 videoman invited me here and told me to leave post?7848 apperson st Sunland CA 91040 and email DDTr 2002-11-04
Zhyco Hail old Zaphirs - The youngstar is here. Well, im not any longer in Rune, but.. Goodluck in the fu 2002-11-05
/AhKArtemis Entrieri cool and nice great site, i really enjoyed to visit =). 2002-11-06
Knox-Om-Pax Hello to all just stopped by to check it out. 2002-11-07
BigLion Hail to the great Zaphirs. I had to visit some fine warriors 2002-11-08
v²a|Malloc good morning :p ... nice page ... visit us @ 2002-11-10
[KOD] Hood {HCE} Greetings to the noble Zaphirs and a special hello to Jester. Well met! Come and visit again In The 2002-11-11
Cyrus-of-DpX new forums roxxor ;) 2002-11-12
Argonaut.(BiC) Hail Warriors! A Scout reported your visit in our lands a few nights ago... Our diplomat, LordBANE, 2002-11-15
(BDL)Blaupunkt(eL) hi all Zaphirs !!!!!!!!! 2002-11-17
Write name hi all Zaphirs !!!!!!!!!! thx for wright in the GB from BDL HP here !!!look very good !!!i 2002-11-17
(BDL)Blaupunkt(eL) he is a great and honorfull Viking !!!thx from all BDL!!!i wright next time more.i wish the Zaphiur 2002-11-17
*B-B-A**ShReDDeR* Greetings my honourable warrior what a yummmy site and i look foward to our battles the time is rig 2002-11-17
(BDL)Blaupunkt(eL) Hello all Zaphirs !!!!!!!!!!!! i wish a gret day gg.Sahsnot thx for wrighting on the BDL HP.i say Z 2002-11-20
-|HHFO|-S@bre- Great game yesterday Pakara, I hope to do it again soon =D 2002-11-20
/AhK*cHAWE´s_pOWER* sup guys?:) we are making an arena tournament check it and sign it up if u want . i 2002-11-20
Zaphir_Sthrad Did I hear BBA asking for a clanwar once they have fully immigrated to HOV? We shall gladly *initia 2002-11-21
(MSW) Sundance Hi Zap´s i wonna tell u the pw of msw-server its called indian, special greets to baldur, jocky, ae 2002-11-23
e[FSU]SorenBjerg{HSN} HOLY MOLY!!! When I grow up I wanna be a Tuuna...!!! :P @ Jocky ;D. 2002-11-26
[DrA_311]Iceman Hey guys. Great site you have here, fun kicking your buts once in a while.....LOL. Check out our se 2002-11-27
{Disturbed}_Krackhea Hail Zaphirs,shibby to ya too. 2002-12-03
*(PaA)*=AragorN= Hi warriors!.. really nice site, the intro is cool! hope u meet u in battle soon! cya 2002-12-04
/AhK*MaXiMus* Write message 2002-12-05
*Diamondz*Mikeass hiho it me *(thm)* clan died now i have my other clan diamondz so i need same good players!!!!! 2002-12-06
hehe WOW! Nice RUNE Flash! 2002-12-07
{^Terminus^}*=JUNN=* Where does one challenge the Zaphirs? 2002-12-07
Admin Follow link 'Wars' and then proceed to link 'Challenge us' (left upper corner) 2002-12-08
Demandred Good to see so many Zaphirs on the OGL ladders! 2002-12-08
<[DSA]>Candy_man Yo Zaphirs Cool clan site guys, can you visit my clan site some time, bud anyway maybe all see you 2002-12-09
MSW-Kamy An alle Rune Spieler! 2002-12-09
-=ROV=- Your Mom Awsome website!! 2002-12-11
TeKnO Nice site, Funny Whiners section rocks :) LOL 2002-12-11
Xion Ey yo mannen! how are ya ppl! 2002-12-11
ThulsaDooM[Ex-JuNN] Hey Zaphirs, sup Pilgrim, Nice Games tonight, The Zaphir Tribe really is 1337!! 2002-12-13
(Southpark)_Kenny Hail zaphirs, Truly this site hold honorable warriors 2002-12-13
(KoK)-Gengschta Hi Zap, could u tell me the title of the sing in your intro? I really like it...thx:-) Cu on Battle 2002-12-15
-|HHFO|-S@bre- Cool video guys when you open your website, realy nice =D 2002-12-15
Flo Whazzuup!!!!!!!!!! 2002-12-17
Angel Of Death I await our confrontation, It will soon happen Zaphirs! Farewell! 2002-12-19
<{UC}>InSaNo I really want to see how good you guys are, I heard good things :P! Can't wait to meet on the bat 2002-12-19
[LoR]Kirchi hiya, 2002-12-19
[LoR]Kirchi ups, I stumbled on your Page again, and what I see was a great flashvideo, damn good! Greetz all 2002-12-19
terrorists_are_bad It truly is an honor to finally meet all you, i play 1.01, so some of you may know me, some may not 2002-12-21
{LP}The_§aint/DJ_CLIFF Yo , gr33tz to all zaphirs, especially barbarian warmaster, Aequilibrium & pakara 2002-12-21
Write name Write message 2002-12-22
-|HHFO|-Nefius I wanna wish you bitches the best for 2003! and an nasty x-mas btw! 2002-12-23
-oL-BuzS- hiya all.. nice site =) and what a shitty game =( well, you guys played good =) g-luck ! 2002-12-24
Samurai-of-DpX Merry X-mas to all of ya / go jul ^^ 2002-12-24
(BDL)Kaikin hey there! whising you all a happy new year!!! 2002-12-26
DanWaxo Hey folks everything naughty is away now and 2002-12-27
DanWaxo im sorry for some inconvinience we had together HAPPY NEW YEAR WARRIORS 2002-12-27
Zhyco happy newyear guys, and dont blow up ur hand ;) 2002-12-27
-=[AVM] ITChY=- Hiho! A good slide into the new year to everyone! Sköl! 2002-12-31
*(PaA)*=PhaseR= Ey.. Grrreat site 'n fuckin' sweeet movie u got there ;) Hope I'll see u in tha battlefield sometim 2003-01-06
{Dh}CaptHowdy Yo Zaphirs. Im playing on rune 1.01, so some of u know me. Cyas later on. Very nice website. 2003-01-09
Pilgrim Hail Zaphirs! Btw, The Real Hooker = SpAz? heh, not man enough to use his own name. 2003-01-09
Destrorian Do not mind me, just dropping by to say hello. Hehehe... 2003-01-14
none nicewebsite 2003-01-17
[LoR]unbreakable i just want to say hello 2003-01-20
/AhK*Lord nomE*[iRA] holy shit nice intro!!!!!!!!!! how in hell you do THAT? 2003-01-21
*(PaA)*=AragorN= at the end PaA & Zap had their war! .. good. i hope the fate will be at our side next time! ;-) Cy 2003-02-07
!! Greeting mighty Zaphirs :) 2003-02-09
BuDDha just want to say hi :) great btw 2003-02-10
Skywalker woha! dam cool film u got on the front page!!!!!! 8) 2003-02-15
/AhK*Inzzz Hey Zaphirs Folks! I'm just visiting the web page! See you guys in some battle 2003-02-15
[RI]Zekka Ey Folk! our site is updated!! 2003-02-21
-=GiL~GaLaD=- Hi I wanna be a Zaphirs 2003-02-21
*B-B-A**Warbeast* is there room for new players? or must i WHiNE first? greetz :D 2003-02-24
Josef_(Killraven) Wir tun unser Bestes 2003-02-27
SoulJah hi zaps, just wanna say hello .. awesome intro !!!! great page ... cu in game folks 2003-02-28
-=[AVM]hellknight=- there's an intro? O_o whatever I just thought like they published that match? :D lol crap ;D 1 ques 2003-03-01
DarkDealer Hey,our Page is online Look at this page :) 2003-03-01
Cyclone of HHFO just wanted to say KiK to timberwolf..... good luck guys 2003-03-02
-=BH=-aLieN just wanted to say Hallo:DDD 2003-03-03
cHAWE´s Hallo Zaphirs,Blackoak, great idea that RWC, Thanks in name of all rune adicts(i want that t-shirt) 2003-03-03
[REY]*mARY* Greetings Zaphirs! Just drop in to say ure damn guys rock. And special greetings to my favorite Zap 2003-03-23
-|HHFO|-Garrett Greetingz Zaphirs, what's up? 2003-04-01
SirX Yo Zaphirs! wanted to congratulate CopoSim, that he made a long step like that =D 2003-04-06
(frk.kanin) nice hp noobs 2003-04-08
Inzzz yea Copo ;) best wishes from Inzzz 2003-04-09
Xekko Hello Zaphires! this clan roxs, and i love the intromusik you guys have done there, whats the name 2003-04-09
Nidhogg-of-DpX Hail 2003-04-14
Jakut wtf am i doing here? 2003-04-16
warbitch what must i say? FEAT and put on the MEAT 2003-04-18
Elder Hail Zaphirs! 2003-04-19
Elder You will see me a lot more the upcoming weeks. I'm deadset on becoming a stronger warrior. So I can 2003-04-19
Elder Oh umm, right. Nice to see you all again ;P 2003-04-19
=iNi=Wolf Just thought id check out yalls site.Iam the newest recruit in iNi and i am amazed to see yalls cla 2003-04-19
Chino Greetings Zaphirs Clan. Just dropping by to say I had great fun on your server today. Eventhough 2003-04-24
~GigMan~of~The Hell Clan~ Greets to Zaphirs, the noble warriors of valhall. Sunny, when we play again the Seaside :o), was ve 2003-04-24
[Rey] Apocalypse Great games guys cya in the Servers ViVa ReY 2003-04-26
(Dh).:eery:. Passed by only to hail the Zaphir Horde for all their good work in improving rune gaming, ty guys 2003-04-28
Hellspawn-øf-THC Hiya great noble zaphirs warrior, I just want say hello to you, speacial greets to sunny and oak cy 2003-04-28
=iNi=DeAtH-ReApEr Great Site Guys! Peace! 2003-05-03
(BDL)Psycho greetings to the zaphirs 2003-05-03
=A4D=Da_Rula yo wattup first visit here cool place yall 2003-05-04
GiGMan ôf THC Yeah Sunny, its a nice idea, we can make fixed dates for training-sessions... Will be fine... Greet 2003-05-06
=iNi=Phoenix Greetz from ini. Nice site, not as good as ours. hehe. 2003-05-09
Angantyr Just thought I'd stop by and see what things look like 2003-05-10
Pakki Hails! 2003-05-19
e[FsU]Albas(JuNN) Greetings, Zaphirs. Hail Zaphirs and, oh yeah, HAIL JUNN! 2003-05-23
*B-B-A**ShRe[}[}eR* A yummmmmmmmmy greetings to you all at zaphires 2003-05-25
*>CC<*~Zavansk~ †††Greetings††† CW in next time???? War is coming 2003-05-27
GîgM@n of THC Greets again :p - Cu on battlefield - and Sunny in our PuB :D 2003-05-28
Chalvez rock on guys :) 2003-05-28
wfusoulsaga supsup 2003-06-01
[KaT]Rattlesnake hi...thats all i wanted to say :D....greetz to all 2003-06-02
Telcontar Write message 2003-06-02
Write name oops hit enter... dont know u guys, maybe when i get hov, but nice site!!! 2003-06-02
-|HHFO|-Nefius Hail zaphirs and specially Oak for all the good work!! keep it up bro! 2003-06-03
(BDL)Sharevok(SM/LR) Greetinings mighty Warriors of the Zaphirs, I hope we see some great Lords soon on our cosy ship wi 2003-06-04
(BDL)D-Liberty Hello, hope we can fight. Good Fight @all if we fight together. 2003-06-04
*>CC<*=-_Bohne_-= hello Zaphirs, CC greetz all.... ;-) †mfg† 2003-06-16
THC-GigMan{666} Long time no clanwar against thc... letz do it sunny... contact me next time please... i dont see y 2003-06-16
ChiTZu-Destroya hi, only want to say hi because im bored:D 2003-06-20
BuzS-of-DpX HAIL ZAPHIRS :D 2003-06-25
(Sir-Henry) have are u all greaT warriors 2003-06-26
-|HHFO|-Nefius Good training yesterday lads! 2003-07-02
THC-GigMan{666} Greets to Zaphirs - waiting for your answer sunny... letz get active and come out of your hole... a 2003-07-03
the_licker nice page 2003-07-04
-iU^Silverwolf Yo yo Zaphirs, during all this time i have not signed this guestbook yet *ashamed*... keep on rune' 2003-07-10
[KaT]Lynx Hail The Mighty Zaphirs!! Long live and be there enough of meed!! 2003-07-10
Bohne the tournament is startet!!!!!Good Luck all Clans and Zaphirs 2003-07-20
Emmix Hey Zaphirs. Great page like it all. 2003-07-23
-|HHFO|-S@bre- Just wanted to say hi to Timber, great game yesterday m8 :-D. Oh and Hail Oak ;-) 2003-07-26
[MUA]_Avalanche Hail friends! Salutations from [MUA], luck & fortune oh and SKÅÅÅL!! 2003-07-26
Silencer-of-DpX YOoo guys!!! sup guys??? 2003-07-26
FF-Hitcher just want to say hi! Greetings from the FunFuckers ;-) 2003-07-27
[Ghoul]Eledhel Nice site dudes!!c ya in arena!!!Have fun [Ghoul]Eledhel 2003-07-27
[Hmm]Memorate Hi there zaphirs.. Do you guys play version 1.00 too?? Just wonder! 2003-07-27
Hi Zaphirs i like you blade of blood 2003-07-28
--Hostmaster-- Just wanna say hello to you cYa on battlefield 2003-07-29
/AhK*Lrd_nmE* eeeeyoooo guys hello :D Oak we want T-Shirts!!! :p 2003-08-09
Nefius Oak you bitchtit.. you pulled my leg really hard this time.. hehehe 2003-08-14
-|HHFO|-S@bre- Nefius, you are just such an easy prey muhahaha. Go get him Oak ;-D 2003-08-17
Saint-of-DpX well, nothing has much changed since i last visited, keep up the good work i'd say 2003-08-17
SoulleSs Can I join you Clan,oak? 2003-08-18
Wraith-Decrypter Yo! 2003-08-18
=/zT=Ivan Yo! Wa2aP, 2aphirs!=)) Greetings from Zero Tolerance 2003-08-19
Slimm_Dimm Wazzuuuupp! 2003-08-23
DarkSoul-of-DpX Hey there just wanted to greet u zaps, hope u are doing alright =) ... 2003-08-25
-|HHFO|-Azathoth Hi Zaphirs warriors ;) 2003-08-25
moone blackoak, you never give up beeing in friendship, thats quite great, slowly i understand, are you t 2003-08-26
moone sorry, the text in the browser is black, now i got, i marked the text and now i can read who is who 2003-08-26
]}12 Sup 2003-08-31
[GOD]BloodyRex hey yo whats up wanna fight some the rune is the best and i gonna fight you all.all vs me 2003-09-11
-|HHFO|-Mace hail fellow brothers Zaphirs. Long time no see Oak.. Come and idle some time in our new chatbox: c 2003-09-20
PHeno Cry me a river 2003-09-21
[KaT]Ocelot whattup zaphs 2003-10-06
(Dh).:eery:. Good to see oldschool zaphir' still alive! 2003-10-20
(BDL)Metalbeast greetz to Zaphirs! hail and kill warriors see ya on the battlefield! Stay tuned and bang yourr head 2003-10-21
BuzS-of-DpX I haven't been her for a long while.. Special greets to BlackOak. 2003-11-06
DT HAIL ZAPHIRS!! 2003-11-06
PoppE Hello and Greedings everyone in the great clan of Zaphirs!!! Poppe in the housE!! 2003-11-06
Wraith-Sasuke kikikikikikikikikikiiiiiiiiiik 2003-11-07
-|HHFO|-S@bre- Just want to greet my Zaphirs bro's. Hail Zaphirs! 2003-11-08
-=DarK=-Shade Greetz all... darones new page: 2003-11-10
-=[AVM]$mirnoffandY=- Greetings to the Zaphirs Horde! 2003-11-16
TeDdY hey :D Zaphirs wassup :D all fine with me :D well real nice site cya 2003-11-19
Grinzdall Hey all Zaphirs 2003-11-24
erick bloodaxWerrite name HAILzaphers keep up the good workWrite message 2003-11-25
TKW*Rashish Hei Mighty WArriors, I would like to thanks to Zaphir Blackoak because I already received the Rune 2003-11-29
-=[AVM]Dr~DesT=- greetz 2003-12-06
Grinzdall Everything works again nice :D 2003-12-09
Lord Galathorn Hail! 2003-12-16
TKW*Rashish nice music 2003-12-16
=/zT=Russian Party Hi Zaphirs! we only beginners) but i hope soon we can fight with yours)!plz visite our site www.cla 2003-12-24
hurricane aka gigman we wish you merry xmas and a happy new year. 2003-12-24
Grinzdall Yo babes MERRY X-Mass 2003-12-25
Grinzdall And ONE HAPPY NEW YEAR 2003-12-25
-=[AVM]Dr~DesT=- merry x-mas 2003-12-25
=/zT=Maximus Hiho 2004-01-06
~Bhw^Separius~ hey all 2004-01-08
Sir Surami hi, u page is very cool 2004-01-09
-|HHFO|-Mace Happy new year... nice to saw you again ingame Oak.. gg's 2004-01-16
*B-B-A**inextremis* Greetings Mighty Zaphirs! 2004-01-17
(Dh).:eery:. Hail Zaphirs! *spills mead* 2004-01-24
*BBA**HumanPyro* Hellow Mighty I see Ur Homepage is maked whit a danish tag dk :P i am from denmark TO:D 2004-01-29
Cannibal~Bohne Hiya all Zaphirs, 2004-02-01
Barbarian_Druid Hello Zaphirs, sad that IoM no longer exists - the list was immense 2004-02-17
DarkShadow i would like to join,i have already posted on the market place forum 2004-02-21
venim iceblade i thought id check out the site 2004-02-23
[THC]~GigMan~[666] Hiho Zaps, wazup? take a look to the new Hell... 2004-02-26
-|HHFO|-S@bre- Just wanted to say I'm back in the game. Hope to see you out there :-) 2004-03-02
Brother Greetings noble Blackoak 2004-03-07
adbz lord malakai all people who play hov QUIT and play normal its way cooler :) 2004-03-11
Lord nomE Hola zaphirs! Been a while :D I hung over IoM site, and smelled the new stuff being cooked. And it 2004-03-22
BEASTHEAD greetings zaphirs [url][/url] 2004-03-23
-[HcT]- Hail Zaphirs 2004-03-23
LysB-[CoV]- Sup over here. accidently fell over the site. then saw HumanPyro. jamen goddaw human. ka du huske m 2004-03-26
-=GUF=-scarface Hey Zaphirs wassup ^^ just wannt to say hello and ask for cw sometimes ok ?^^ 2004-03-30
Basher I wanna join in Zaphirs 2004-03-30
Einherjer][Thorolf lol 2004-04-02
[THC]~Suffocate~[666] Just want to greetz ur brave horde and wish a happy Easter^^ PS:LOL @ Basher.. Sfc 2004-04-11
Stalker Well, hello there :) 2004-04-18
*>CC<*GrafRuediger greetings to one of the nicest rune clans 2004-04-21
ShivA Huh what kinda llamer clan is this? 2004-04-23
Elder Hi It's me :p -I'm playing both 1.01 and 1.07 atm 2004-05-02
*RL*Rule-[CoV]- Just stopping by to say hello, nice place you got here. Cheers! 2004-05-04
Reapers_Naga Hail Zaphirs!!! what's up.. 2004-05-14
Barghest Hi! We started an tournament and we would like to see some ppl from our clan in it! More infos at w 2004-05-18
Korgan This guy from your clan is NOT welcome at my server bad says are NOT my is that SUX ip =8 2004-05-26
Sundance Hiyas, greetz to Oakster, Baldur, Amras, Timber and all :D 2004-05-27
Kazuma Yo, sup :)? 2004-06-10
[THC]~GigMan~[666] Greets to Zaphirs... specially to amras. 2004-06-16
[WOH]IntotheDusK Hiya, just came here to greet the whole Zaphirs horde in the name of WOH. 2004-06-22
IW MASTINO hi zaphiris ....visit a new clan site italian warriors... 2004-06-23
Corpus [DK-U] Zaphirs has this map with Che guevara and some big loudspekers once played it who made it! 2004-07-16
=(Sod)=Mystical-oKe Yo guys nice homepage and greetings from Sod clan visit our clan web page 2004-07-31
=mArTiN Nice webpage. 2004-07-31
[DK-U] Nomatter what u guys r the bst. :D 2004-07-31
Robin_Hood Thx guys 2004-08-01
Elder Site is looking as good as ever :). I'm not coming back to HoV :/. It was fun while it lasted :). E 2004-08-10
aXeL-=BH=- HAIL Zaphirs 2004-08-11
Dom Afonso Henriques Hi Zaphirs ... one more time :) 2004-08-11
Voodoo]Solis our currently forum and page 2004-08-14
Alvar Still fighting on the battlefield...May Odin guide your swords to victory...Hail:) 2004-08-15
Lord][Sarge Hya....nice web...vicit 2004-08-28
Yohjinbo i am yohjinbo and if you are intrest to lock at ore new forum com to us and se the power of shogun! 2004-08-29
Lady][Khorne U guyz rule the (rune) skool, keep the asses kicked 2004-09-10
-|HHFO|-Nefius Hi bro's, special greetings to Oak, you old fuck 2004-09-28
-sneaky- Hey the mead here is the finest quality, cheers 2004-10-14
Antiquities/Keeper cheers 2004-10-24
Ram Super play when Zaphirs are there watch out great games you deliver 2004-10-25
LysB Aye Ram gg's yesterday.. 2004-10-25
-|HHFO|-Nefius Good game Zaphs! 2004-10-28
Ram i need spare parts for my brain?sell me some someone!! 2004-10-28
~[LOD]~INFERNO Hi Zaphirs! Really cool site! If you want to add your site to our ~[LOD]~ Clan Toplist please visit 2004-10-31
~[LOD]~INFERNO If your are interested please email me (! Greetingz, ~[LOD]~INFERNO - Leader o 2004-10-31
yohjinbo hi visit 2004-11-20
Desdemona Hello everyone ^^ 2004-11-27
Antis Hello 2004-12-07
-CK-(G{-}0$+) yo, just stopped by when i heard about the wedding! great! cya later ppl, and best of luck to you A 2004-12-17
Uc|Hulk I wish zaphirs merry x-mas and a happy new year!! So uc is my clan maybe we can play a cw!!!But my 2004-12-20
Arbitter yow dudes i'm new in rune. zaphires is an n1 and greetingz to Gambit 2004-12-23
Ulfvarinn Happy New Year 2004-12-28
ol'Pilgrim Hello Zaphirs and have a good year! How goes it? 2005-01-07
shadow hi guys what ´s up :-) 2005-01-12
Sir Appolo Yo 2005-02-20
Ambtenaar Ik groet Koning BlackOak 2005-02-23
[3xN]'ZipleX Hi Blackoak: As you see I have visited Zaphirs now. Take conntact 2005-03-21
<*}}}><| This got re-released after I was randomly thinking about it. Insane. Do peopleplay on 1.08 or the S 2013-09-18
<*}}}><| KEEP BOB & WEAVING~ 2013-09-18
Sessy Thank you for sharing :) 2015-03-28