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This is the greatest Real Life thing Horde Zaphirs has ever done!

2002, it was so cool!

First I greeted LordNam at the road in front of our company with a rune sign.
Then we had a good meal and talked a lot about many things. Then we installed his comp and went to fetch Skywanker.
All whent good and we installed Skywanker too. And after some small talk -they are really into netconfigs, and all that sheet ;) we started to game!
The time came to fetch JockyChan and I dresseed up as promished. Went into the railway station and saw him first.
I stood 1½ meter in front of him dressed up and he couldent see me at all (he looked after a normal guy I guess). Then after looking right and left he noticed the lama in front of him staring :D
Man he was shocked!

Thor - LordNam
Then as we sat playing Thor he phoned me "hey Im coming over too with some beer".
Man having him here was so cool. He rawked bigtime, got his lust for Rune back and we gamed like hell.
Then when we had a break he wanted to bet 5 beers on where SorenBjerg lived. I WON!. Ahh those beers where so good.
And then we rocked to early in the morning. Gaming like crazy being 5 on LAN and 7 internet players was awesome. But as morning came crawling we had to crash!.
Thor went home to the family and the rest of us crashed in our nearby gaming club.
Man we where tired when players phoned me in the morning and ppl started coming there to play Warhammer. :D
Thor - LordNam - Skywanker

In the company we prepared our stuff.
We had tequila, burritos, Spunk, banans for the dance and started to preppare our sheet.
Then speech fell to old days of Spectrum and Vic20, Assembler, demos and 18 min of gameloads, azimut angles and all kinda wierd sheet.
It was so cool, LordNam and me made a totally spinnoff, until JockyChan said "I NEED RUNE NOW!".

Skywanker - LordNam - JockyChan
All where at their seats and rocking like hell. Doing frags like never before we where engulfed in our world completely.
Man! So many friends and noobs came by the server. It was so cool fragging and respawning while you could hear the classic "Die bitch!", "Gotcha", "Whooa" etc. in the background.

Then the rest started coming.
First came Steener. Tall as shit dude he looked upon the others "so thy are the lords, lets see thy skills" :D
He hooked up and man was he smacked around. LOL! He was really surprised of the skills Zaphirs had gained in his absense. But I must said -HE tried!

Then came Skullcracker frish as a seagull :D.
With merry humor and usual attitude he swept the legs of LordNam and JockyChan.
Setting himself up he soon entered the fray and teamgame BIGTIME started.
Must say that him and LordNam did quite a job there.
For 2 unpracticed teamsters these 2 predators did quite a job in preventing the rest of winning.
It was tuff -shit tuff!

Terminator - Steener
Then Terminator came and Stener told of the skill level. As you can see Stener was real hot from the level of defending throws and dodges.
It was real awesome. I dont know if Terminator believed Steener. But as you can see its not happiness that shining there. Those two gamers where real concerned for their sanity :D
But they did real good actually. Terminator dident even play with his own computer -so he had hard time for sure.

Still Terminator had to tjeck for aimbots and sheet! (Just joking!)
He was real impressed by the level of opponents and had to talk to his brothers after all.
Besides LordNam is real good at coding and sheet. And has helped in some projets with our company. So Terminator had to talk to this ally in more than 1 matter.

Terminator - LordNam - Skywanker

Then Baldur came around. He came a bit late because he was perparing some food at home for us.
He quickly befriended all there and set up the Weber grill. Fired up the monster while I installed his computer. Steak being steak he came for RUNE and soon was behind the monitor smacking all around.
Not long after his joining we all heard JockyChan yelling "I CANT PLAY LIKE THIS - MY PING IS TOO LOW"
And the "Die bitch" had silenced a bit too.

Skullcracker - Baldur - Steener

Terminator - Baldur
Off course Baldur dident like that fact that we should only eat Burritos and drink tequila.
So he had Terminator guard him while he made open air grill steaks in the famous Weber device.
Terminator watched out for Spoilers and other sneaky horde warriors as we knew they had something planned.
But all whent allright and no one tried to do anything stupid.

Finally the time came where Baldur summoned the warriors to the Zaphirs longtable. Stener was given the task of guarding the meadhall while the king, elders, warriors and freemen feasted.
Dont feel sorry for him. he was given 2 thrall whomen in reward. And is now one very happy and rich freeman. And he had his share of the meal too, as thralls brought him his plates.
Maybe it was a trick pulled by Spoilers or Loki thogh that made Steener a bit uncomfortable during his watch. But this we will find out when we squirm Loki for some more days.

Baldur - Skywanker - Terminator - JockyChan - BlackOak - Skullcracker - Lordnam

Skywanker - Terminator - JockyChan - BlackOak - LordNam - Skullcracker

Baldur - Steener - Skullcracker - Skywanker - Terminator - Lordnam - Jocky

Lordnam - JockyChan - Skullcracker - Steener - Terminator - Baldur - Skywanker

After the meal we gamed like hell for hours and hours! The worlds trembeled and the warriors in Valhalla was envious.
It was awesome gaming. 8 Zaphirs in lan and 4 guests tweaked the server really bad. But Thor had powered it up and all went so nice. Again guests flowed in and we had shit ass fun!.
At some point we lamed real bad!
All agreed to make a strandhögg and all Zaphirs raided barrys 10 player sheet for 1 map. 8 gold team Zaphirs chasing 2 other players around was so hilarious. 1 guy actaully thought this real fun and defended his life furiously :D

Baldur! Being Bloodlusted by his own food rocked real bad and smacked all around

28 scoreboards Viking pictures

I really thank all here for the event. All that visited for coming around. The community for being out there. Kazi & Co for the forum and HH for making Rune :D

Update: Marts 2011. Jørgen 'Baldur' Nielsen lost the fight against cancer, and is sadly with us no longer!
Christian 'BlackOak' Skarut